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Hi Folks,
June 29th is a very special evening for the Peaceniks at the Rockwood Music Hall. Patti and Moogy (that's Me!) will both be doing solo sets to be followed by a set with the whole Peaceniks band. Our last gigs at Banjo Jim's and the P and G bar went great, and rehearsals for next week's show have been excellent.
Though the Peaceniks/Moogy/Patti tickets are $10 - we have a limited number of free tickets. We have made arrangements with the club for a limited number of fans to be put on the guest list for the show (which normally costs $10.00). All you have to do is send your name to, and if I send you a return email, you and a friend are guaranteed to get in for free (But you still have to buy a drink).
Act now, because we only have a few spaces left. Since space is limited, only email us if you are sure you can come.
As I continue to struggle with my intense health challenge, fighting the big C, I find doing music with my best friends (as the Peaceniks are!) it extremely healing. And as the music heals me, I promise the music will heal you as well. So please come down to the show.
All Power to the Peaceful,
The Peaceniks - Patti, Barry, Mark, Moogy & Jim
Wednesday, June 29th
A special two hour show starting at 7 pm with
the Peaceniks
w/ith Moogy Klingman, Barry Gruber, Patti Rothberg,
Jim Satten & Mark Greenberg
& solo sets by Moogy Klingman & Patti Rothberg
at The Rockwood Music Hall
196 Allen street,
between Houston & Stanton
take the F train to 2nd Avenue & get out at the 1st avenue exit.
212 477 4115
Wednesday, June 29th
Patti Rothberg at 7 pm
Moogy Klingman at 7:30 pm
The Peaceniks start at 8 pm and play til 9:15
tickets $10****
We will send you a confirmation if space is available.
(You still have to buy a drink)
for more info-music downloads - youtube videos go to
Moogy Klingman, Patti Rothberg & Barry Gruber of the Peaceniks
Moogy Klingman at the Highline Ballroom, 1/29/11
Peaceniks Patti Rothberg and Barry Gruber at the Bitter End, 1/17/11
Have we got a bunch of legendary rockers for you!
Everyone in the Peaceniks has their rock 'n roll glory stripes and medals-
Peacenik Moogy Klingman played for years with Rundgren and Utopia - recording with Dylan, Eric Clapton, & an Allman Brother's offshoot band. Moogy's time playing with Hendrix is documented with his Peaceniks's song "Jimi in the Sky" and his song, Bette Midler's theme song, "You Gotta Have Friends"is a classic.
Patti Rothberg's many solo albums include the gold (gold in Europe, almost gold in USA) album "between the 1 and the 9" and one of her several hit singles, "Inside" - she'll be playing it tonite!
Barry Gruber, the Peaceniks co-leader will be rocking with his songs as well, having done peace concerts over the years with the likes of Pete Seeger and Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul and Mary!
Guitarist Jim Satten's did 14 years as Bo Diddley's band leader and lead guitarist, as well as band leader for Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones, and guitarist for the original Temptations, Ronnie Specktor of the Ronettes, Ben E King, and many, many more.
Drummer Mark Greenberg has been working with people like Allman Brother's Dickie Betz, Bob Weir and the Grateful Dead, and the Dave Mathews band as well!


Moogy & The Rhythm Kings ~ Utopian Dreams
Tracks: 1. Intro, 2.Midnight Train, 3. Stranger, 4. Dust in the Wind, 5. Heaven on Earth, 6. Gimmie that Bread,
7. Welcome To My House, 8. You Can Love, 9. Cryin' In The Sunshine, 10. Kilpatrick's Defeat, 11. the Man at Ease,
12. I'm A Ram, 13. Makin' The Rounds At Midnight, 14. Raised On An Island, 15. Do The Slop, 16. Acapella

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Hi folks how are you doing, this is Moogy Klingman. This is my band's new album and we just finished it this fall. We just got the Cds back from the pressing plant 12/24/10. It's all songs I either wrote or co-wrote and it's sung in three part harmony in shared lead vocals between myself, barry Gruber and Patti Rothberg with Jim Satten's stinging lead guitar and Mark Greenberg's incredible drumming, this 6 page digipack is the thing to buy at Moogymusic. 

Available now!
The Peaceniks 2nd Album
New World Coming
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 The Peaceniks at the P&G Bar, October 24th, 2010

  Patti, Jim & Barry playing CS&N Medley                                             Jim playing New World Coming

  Patti, Jim, Barry, Cliff & Moogy playing Bring the Troops Home Now

Patti Rothberg, David Lloyd, Jim Satten & Ian LLoyd         Cliff Hackford, Patti Rothberg & Ian Lloyd                 
                                                                                           after Ian sang his song Brother Louie

           Patti, Jim, Barry, Cliff & Moogy singing Obama on Mars

Patti, Barry & Moogy singing Get Together                                Patti Rothberg

     front: Barry, Moogy & Patti; back: Jim & Cliff

     The Peaceniks at the P&G Bar, April 17, 2010
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            Barry Gruber                                                                       The Peaceniks                                                                                        Moogy Klingman

     Mark Greenberg, Jim Satten, Moogy Klingman, Joe Henderson                        The Peaceniks                                                                    Barry Gruber, Jim Satten

 Jim Satten                                                      Patti Rotherberg                                                                                     The Peaceniks

                                            The Peaceniks                                     Barry Gruber, Jim Satten, Joe Henderson                                 Moogy singing "Jimi in the Sky"

                  Mark Greenberg, Moogy Klingman, Jim Satten                                       Barry Gruber                                                                        Patti Rothberg

                                                   The Peaceniks                                                                             Mark, Jim, Moogy, Joe                                                Barry Gruber

                                        Jim, Moogy, Joe                                                Barry, Joe                                                 Mark Greenberg                                  Jim Satten
                                                The Peaceniks                                                                    Patti Rotherberg                                                                     The Peaceniks

                                     Marg, Jim, Moogy, Joe                                                                      Barry                                                       Patti, Barry, Moogy

Moogy on YouTube

Alligator on my Trail


Let me just follow behind

         Barry Gruber and Moogy Klingman's band - the Peaceniks have done many gigs in the New York area over the past year. Playing clubs on the Lower East Side like Sapphire and the National Underground. They have also played several big shows over the summer opening for Pete Seeger at the Clearwater outdoor concert at the Pier, and at the
Universal Peace Day concert. They have also done many radio shows this past summer including several appearances on WBAI's various shows and they even did Joey Renolds show twice.
      The Peaceniks have a new album out on Band Together Records called, "Here come the Peaceniks".
MOOGY KLINGMAN is the co-founder of the Peaceniks, along with Barry Gruber.

        Moogy was the original keyboardist for Todd Rundgren and Utopia. He played on 10 Todd Rundgren albums, as well as several Utopia albums. Moogy co-wrote “You gotta have Friends” with Buzzy Linhart. He produced and played keyboards for Bette Midler on her "Songs for the New Depression".
        Moogy played keyboards and produced a record for Bob Dylan - "Buckets of Rain" - a duet Dylan did with Bette Midler. He was musical director and associate producer, as well as keyboardist on "Music from Free Creek", an album where Moogy played and recorded with Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Keith Emerson among others. He has also played live for Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Buzzy Linhart and in the 90's - with members of the Allman Brothers/Gov't Mule and a summer tour with blues legend, Bo Diddley.
        Moogy has performed at many legendary venues with various groups. From Carnagie Hall to Radio City Music hall from NYC's Bottom line to Live radio concerts on WBAI FM and K-ROCK.
Moogy has had solo albums out on Capitol and EMI records, as well as on his own label. Many artists have recorded Moogy’s songs including Bette Midler, Carly Simon, Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, Todd Rundgren and Barry Manilow.

BARRY GRUBER is the co-founder of the Peaceniks, along with Moogy Klingman.
       Barry is a guitarist, singer-songwriter and Peace activist. His former band, Krazy Lyin’ released a CD “If the Moon Could Sing”, and performed all over Seattle, including Seattle Peace Concerts. In his career, Barry has performed in New York , including the C-Note, CBGB’s, Elaine’s, Trudy Heller’s, the Bitter End, and the Bottom Line.
       As president of Band Together Records, Barry has also been the Producer or Executive Producer for several CD’s, including PF Sloan (author of Eve of Destruction and Secret Agent Man), Peace Troubadour James Twyman, Kimberly Bass, Afire, and jazz pianist David Arnay. 
    Barry is also the co-Director of Universal Peace Initiative, an organization that puts on events commemorating the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, turning a day of horror into a re-affirmation of life. Pete Seeger, Peter Yarrow (of Peter Paul and Mary), Odetta, Richie Havens, and others have performed at these events.


  Jim Satin - Lead guitar for the Peaceniks - Jim did 14 years as Bo Diddley's band leader/lead guitarist. He also was band leader for the Ron Wood band (of the Rolling Stones) for a year. He has played for R & B greats, Ronnie Spector, Ben E. King, David Ruffin & Eddie Kendricks of the Temptations, Sam and Dave, and members of the Allman Brothers.

        Patti Rothberg - She is a rock legend in NYC with a gold album "Between the 1 and the 9" and many hit singles such as "inside" reaching the upper levels of the Billboard charts. She has toured with some of rock's biggest stars and just put out a new album this year.

About the Peaceniks
      The Peaceniks are a rocking jamming band dedicated to peace, love, great rockin' songs and a hippie jam vibe along the lines of the Dead, Phish, the Allman Brothers and Gov't Mule (whom Peacenik Moogy use to play with). Their songs are somewhere between the lyrical content of early Bob Dylan, and the harmony sounds of the Beatles.
      In the year since they have started playing and recording they have done many shows, concerts and recently put out their first album, "Here Comes the Peaceniks" on Band Together Records.
     This past September, The Peaceniks played at New York's premiere rock club, BB King's. The concert on Sept. 9th, 2009 brought out hundreds of fans. The Peaceniks opened the show and then backed up American Idol's Sanjaya for a long set of his songs. In all, the Peaceniks performed over thirty songs that night, either as Peaceniks or as Sanjaya's band. Their skills as musicians were tested that night and they got an A plus for their performances.
      The Peaceniks began writing and recording their songs for their first CD on Band Together Records in the winter of 2008. Their album "Here Come the Peaceniks" was released in the summer of 2009.
       Over the summer of 2009 the Peaceniks held court weekly at the hot Lower East Side music club owned by Gavin Degraw, "The National Underground". Here, they played songs from their new album and had a "Peaceniks Jam" that went on into the night.
       During the summer of 2009 the Peaceniks also performed at several important peace concerts. Opening for Pete Seeger at the New York Friends of Clearwater at Manhattan's Pier 23 in July of 2009. The Peaceniks also opened for Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary) at Universal Peace Day concert in August of 2009.  The Peaceniks started their career last summer, 2008 with an appearance at Riverside Church for Universal Peace day, August 5th, 2008. 
      The Peaceniks have also done several radio shows and concerts over the last year. With two appearances on WOR radio's Joey Renolds show performing their songs the summer of 2009. Joey was so impressed that he invited them back. On WBAI 99.5 FM, they recently did a two hour late nite concert on legendary free form radio host,  Bob Fass's radio show and also recently appeared on WBAI's Cat Radio Cafe.

Joel "Bishop" O'Brien
1943 - 2004

Listen to Axel Rose and Guns 'n' Roses sing Moogy Klingman's song Dust in the Wind Hey Gang!! Check this new web page! It was done by a fan/friend named Eddy and it the most complete look (with album and singles covers to boot) ever done on my musical history. Thanks mucho to Eddy.


Moogy Music remembers John Siomos (1948 - 2004)
who was a good friend and one of America's greatest rock drummers.

      Bob Dylan and Bette Midler in Moogy's recording studio in 1975 - working on Buckets of Rain, produced by Moogy Klingman and released on the Moogy produced Bette Midler album, "Songs for the New Depression" back in 1976. Unfortunately many of the songs that Moogy produced were left off the album. (about 10 at last count!!). There is now an international movement to get these trax released!

Sign the Petition for demanding the release of the lost Bette Midler Album that Moogy produced:

Do you want to work with Moogy Klingman?
     Moogy can produce your songs or co-write songs with you. Play on your album project.
Moogy can get other singers to sing your songs and he can also arrange them. Moogy can  produce great masters of your songs with you or without you present (thru the mail). Please email Moogy Klingman at with your project or idea and Moogy will get back to you quickly with an answer and price estimate.

The same years that Todd was with the Nazz, I was with a group called the Glitterhouse. Now available at my website is the CD "The Glitterhouse - the almost complete recordings, 1966 to 1975"  - This almost forgotten group came mostly from my hometown, Great Neck. The drummer from Great Neck was good friend Joel O'Brien. He later went on to play with James Taylor in the Flying Machine and on Jame's first solo album for Apple records. Joel also played with Carol King on many of her early albums including "Tapestry", the biggest selling album of the early seventies.
     The leader of the Glitterhouse was Mike Gayle, also from Great Neck. He wrote, sang and played lead guitar on most songs. His greatness as a songwriter and musical force cannot be emphasized enuff. ...

Old Times, Good Times,

It was a good ole time of utopian dreams and Capitol schemes. It was a time when I knew then, that you gotta have friends. Though a quarter century away, the music still sounds vital today. Moogy & the Rhythm Kings would meet a wizard named Todd and the musical sparks would fly! Kings would soon turn Utopian. So here is a musical blue print of these flying sparks, presented for your listening pleasure!

The First Recordings

     This CD includes all Moogy songs from his early days including rare and previously unreleased material with many of your favorite musicians including Todd Rundgren, original Utopia members Ralph Schuckett and John Seigler and other rock legends such as Rick Derringer and Buzzy Linhart

Special Reports in this Moogy Music edition